With so many companies claiming to sell the best testosterone boosters it has become increasingly difficult for consumers to distinguish between the quality brands and the bogus brands, in our effort to alleviate this quandary we conducted an online survey over a two month period where we asked users of various testosterone boosting supplements to vote for their preferred brands.

The top ranked nominee Pro Testosterone was voted #1 in all categories including but not limited to: Effectiveness, Results, Ingredients, Safety, Guarantee and Overall Customer Satisfaction.

#1 Rated Testosterone Booster Reviews - Be Informed!

Increase your energy, muscle mass, sex drive and mental clarity without dangerous and expensive steroids or drugs.

Pro Testosterone is a proven and effective supplement designed to naturally boost your own body's testosterone level helping you speed up muscle growth, cut the fat and increase sexual libido dramatically, it is also designed to push your testosterone levels to their max quickly and safely.

In studies published by the "National Institute of Health" the key ingredients in this testosterone booster were scientifically proven to be effective in raising testosterone levels by over 40% percent .

They have combined the most effective testosterone boosting ingredients available, like: Fenugreek, D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D, Ginseng and the number one testosterone boosting food, Oyster Extract. Their unique formula delivers the maximum amounts of these testosterone boosting ingredients giving your body the building blocks needed to ramp up your own natural testosterone production to full capacity. The results can be dramatic... less fat, more muscle and increased energy and libido. 

We all know that testosterone is the key to stamina, muscle growth, energy and a whole host of other health factors for guys, the problem is both age and the environment limits our ability to produce it, that’s where this testosterone booster comes into play, it delivers the key ingredients your body needs to produce testosterone in massive amounts without the harsh side effects.

The ingredients in this product works and they have the clinical studies to prove it. But just in case you are not sure about super charging your testosterone production they offer a full 90 day money back guarantee!
  • Currently not available in retail stores (must be ordered online)

  • For people looking to achieve the same results as they would  with illegal synthetic steroids this would not be for you, however for those looking for a safe, all natural alternative with excellent results this product is highly recommended.

What You Absolutely Must Know Before Choosing a Tetosterone Booster

When taken responsibly and as directed, natural testosterone boosters can have a profound effect on the amount of free testosterone in the human body which ultimately stimulates muscle growth and radically increase energy levels.

Unlike synthetic steroids which induce high levels of artificially produced hormones into your system, natural testosterone boosters stimulate the body into producing it's own testosterone safely and effectively, therefore eliminating any of the dangerous side-effects and long term health issues associated with synthetic steroids

Bodybuilders, athletes or anyone else wanting to quickly shed body fat, increase endurance levels and pack on lean muscle will benefit greatly from the use of a quality all natural testosterone booster. By naturally increasing your testosterone levels your body will become more anabolic thereby stimulating itself into building new muscle tissue at an increased rate, with this added production of muscle tissue comes a dramatic increase in size and strength which you will quickly realize when you are training or working out.

Another benefit to increasing one's testosterone levels is that the recovery times from strenuous workouts are significantly shortened due to the fact that testosterone boosts your body's ability to absorb more protein which in turns speeds up tissue repair and therefore shortens the recovery time. Also, testosterone acts as a catalyst to burning fat, so by increasing your level of testosterone you are also increasing your body's ability to burn fat at a faster rate without any extra effort on your part and when you do add some extra effort to the mix, the
results can be dramatic.

Finally, lets talk about libido, testosterone not only plays a major roll in a mans ability to perform in the gym but also his ability to perform between the sheets, it has been reported that a lack of testosterone can lead to low libido and even erectile dysfunction and impotence, study's also show that men with increased testosterone levels have a higher sex drive and greater stamina... that in itself is enough reason to want to increase your body's natural testosterone levels.
  • Contains the 3 Most important scientifically proven Ingredients
  • Safely increases muscle mass
  • Safely reduces body fat
  • Safely Increases metabolism
  • Safely heightens sexual libido
  • No acne breakouts
  • No premature hair loss
  • No shrunken testicles
  • No Man boobs (bitch tits)
  • No aggressive mood swings
  • No liver damage
  • No unhealthy side-effects
  • Money Back Guarantee

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The 3 Most important Ingredients

What are the ingredients you should be looking for when choosing a testosterone booster?... listed below are the top 3 super foods known by science to naturally boost testosterone levels, all 3 ingredients have been backed by proven studies and clinical testing...


Since the beginning of time Oysters have been considered to be an aphrodisiac and for good reason, scientific studies have proven that oysters help to increase and release sexual hormones in the body, one of which is testosterone. Testosterone is the principal sexual hormone in males and is largely responsible for the development of an an active sex drive/libido, it is also responsible for the development of other sexual male dominant characteristics such as muscle mass, strength and power.

Scientifically referred to as "Trigonella foenum-graecum", Fenugreek is an herb believed to have originated in Europe and Asia, it is now cultivated around the world and is widely used as an ingredient in various curries and other East Indian foods, clinical and medical studies from the Center for Integrative Clinical and Molecular Medicine in Australia have concluded that the extract from the Fenugreek seed significantly increases male testosterone. Natural bodybuilders and athletes alike have been using Fenugreek for years to legally gain that extra body mass and strength needed to overtake their competition.


Along with the myriad of health benefits that Ginseng has become so famous for, studies have also proven that Ginseng acts as an excellent testosterone booster by increasing the luteinizing hormone in the body which in turn signals the body to create more testosterone. Studies also indicate that Ginseng increases nitric oxide production which relaxes the body's arteries and allows for better blood flow to the testicular area where testosterone is primarily secreted. Other Studies conclude that Ginseng raises Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (cAMP levels) which in turn increases testosterone.


Many of the testosterone booster reviews you find online are actually authored by company representatives who sell testosterone boosters themselves and therefore the reviews are biased towards their own product line. We want to make it perfectly clear that we do not manufacture, sell or distribute testosterone boosters ourselves, our mission here is to simply supply you with the accurate information you need to make an informed buying decision and to help you find the top-rated testosterone boosting supplements on the market.

With that said it is our opinion that the ingredients mentioned above are the most important 3 ingredients you must look for when choosing a testosterone boosting supplement, which begs the question... Is there such a product on the market that includes those 3 scientifically proven ingredients?

Yes, the product that our voters have recommended in the above review not only contains the 3 most important ingredients, it also contains several other supporting ingredients clinically proven for their superior testosterone boosting properties, such as: D-aspartic acid (DAA), VitaminB6, VitaminK2, VitaminD3, Magnesium and Zinc.

Their propriety blend of scientifically proven ingredients has enabled them to produce the the most powerful,
all natural testosterone boosting and performance enhancing supplement in the marketplace today!

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  • Less muscle fatigue during workouts
  • Increased muscle density
  • Improved overall core strength
  • Heightened energy levels
  • Safe ingredients
  • Helps break through plateaus
  • Available in some nutrition centers

  • $45 + shipping for only a 3 week supply
  • Causes irritability and restlessness
  • frequent acne (Bacne) breakouts
  • reports of constipation or diarrhea
  • Some men reported aggressiveness or raging
Rounding out the 3rd spot was Growth Factor-9, we found it odd that this did so well considering it's high price tag, however the fact that it was nominated so often we figured it needed an honorable mention
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The #2 nominee, Animal Stak ranked well in most categories however many Men indicated that speed of results was lacking which some felt had a negative role in the the overall effectiveness of the product. A few others indicated adverse effects such as irritability, back acne and aggressiveness.
  • Helps to peed up recovery time
  • Contains several anti-fatigue ingredients
  • Increases energy levels
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Safe when used as directed
  • All-natural ingredients and amino acids
  • Helps break through the Wall (plateau)
  • Available online and offline

  • Very expensive at $100.00 for a 30-Day supply
  • Several reports of intolerance to the product
  • Reports of constipation or diarrhea
  • Some people may experience insomnia
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